QM Jewellery celebrates one month in business

Well it is one month today since we launched QM Jewellery, and we are very happy to say we do have something to celebrate! We were never that much into social media. However, we can only say that we now appreciate the impact it has on growing a business, and we love the fact we are able to reach so many people. We have still a long way to go and a lot to learn, but find it fascinating that people as far as Saudi Arabia, Mongolia, USA, Russia, India, Uganda not to mention everyone else in the world, near and far from home are interested in our website and our jewelry. It is mind-blowing! Yes, Shopify (our host site) provides a live view of who is looking at our website. It is absolutely addictive. It is hard not to get excited about every little thing. Maybe we will get over this, but really hope we don't! Anyway, a huge and hearty thanks to everyone who liked our page, shared or promoted us in some way and who bought our jewellery. This is all new for us and every little thing is noticed and appreciated. Thank you all so much!