QM Jewellery silver items are made of 925 Sterling Silver. Silver is a precious metal with a very high electrical and thermal conductivity. 925 Sterling Silver is composed of 92.5% silver and a 7.5% metal alloy of copper and zinc. The silver is combined with copper and zinc to make it harder. Pure silver is very soft and malleable. Because pure silver would be too soft for durable jewelry, an alloy is added to harden the material for longer wear.

Note that silver deteriorates with time. This is because any air exposure causes real sterling silver to oxidize. This is a completely natural process and a sign for real silver.

QM Jewellery guarantees that silver objects on your Invoice fulfill the standards of purity for silver at 92.5% purity.


QM Jewellery gold items are made of 14 karat Yellow Gold. Gold is a precious metal and a symbol of wealth since the beginning of time. Pure gold is very soft and malleable. To gain strength and tenacity, gold is commonly combined with other metals like silver and copper in a process called alloying. This increases durability and allows gold to be used for long lasting fine jewellery. 14k Yellow Gold consists of 58.5% gold, 12.6% silver, 25.4% copper, and 3.5% zinc. It has a beautiful yellow color and is very durable and will not easily tarnish. Because of the higher proportion of other metals items made of 14k Yellow Gold usually take much longer to show visible marks of wear and tear compared to 18k Gold.

QM Jewellery guarantees that gold objects of your Invoice fulfill the standards of purity for 14k gold at 58.5% purity.